High level information system for operative services

Emy is an information system developed for operative services and other facilities that manage and coordinate emergency service workflow. The system provides management of operative process and information on each call execution in real time.


Call processing

Statistics & data analysis

Data storage

Electronic data

Resource management

Geographic information service

How Emy works?

  • Caller informs the dispatcher about an event or an emergency situation. The dispatcher receives, processes and registers the information.
  • Any action taken in Emy system is registered to provide personal data processing requirements. The system provides team / crew planning (working time, location, specialization) and status that changes according to availability.
  • Emy provides a special notification mechanism – the ability to provide feedback to the applicant for the execution of the call. It is possible to create a question tree, which can be used by the controller / standby officer for detailed information at the time of the call. Depending on the answers provided, the system determines the priority of the event.
  • Operational management and monitoring – It is possible to keep track of new incoming messages and calls and monitor the availability and status of teams or crews.
  • It is easy to integrate Emy with external systems. We ensure the development of various interfaces with third-party systems to maximize the efficiency and automation of everyday processes.
  • Statistics and data analysis – You can generate reports on received messages and call performance.


  • Operative regime, 24/7.
  • Effective communication.
  • High level of sensitive data protection.
  • Reduction of time spent on report filling and work management
  • Transparent workflow
  • Complete electronic document flow.
  • Integration with other information systems
  • Accessibility of information from anywhere anytime

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