About us

Meditec is one of the leading healthcare industry information technology developers in the country with 20 years of work experience and more than 80 e-health projects of national importance. Meditec specializes in developing information system solutions for health care institutions ranging from simple financial accounting tools to highly specialized systems for university hospitals. In cooperation with partners, we have improved and continue to optimize the health care system in Latvia, making it accessible to everyone.


A passionate team is the key to success.
Our people are our strength and the driving force –
each new idea is born in the minds of determined professionals
for ever better solutions.

Our partners


Mārtiņš Sils

Meditec Ltd, SIA Meditec AB Ltd, Emy Solutions Ltd Chairman of Board and MediCloud Ltd Member of Board

Māris Zvirgzdiņš

Meditec Ltd, Meditec AB Ltds and Emy Solutions Ltd Member of Board

Jānis Rancāns

Meditec AB Ltd Member of Board

Dzintars Dūda

Meditec AB Ltd Member of Board

Klāvs Kāpiņš

MediCloud Ltd Member of Board