Meditec awards “Looking for a Good Family Doctor” campaign winners

Fifth year in a row patients were given a chance to express their gratitude towards family doctors by nominating them for the “Meklējam labu ģimenes ārstu” (“Looking for a good family doctor”) campaign, organized by publishing house “Dienas žurnāli” and “Veselība” (“Health”) magazine. Campaign aims to acknowledge and honor family doctors for their professional work, excellent and selfless attitude that is being highly recognized by both – patients and co-workers. It has become popular within society, and lets patients express their appreciation not only to the doctors but also to nurses. Meditec gifted three family doctors with free of charge “Ārsta Birojs” (“Doctor’s Office”) licenses for one year. Closing ceremony of the campaign took place in May 18th and was attended by Meditec representative Mārtiņš Sils. In his speech M. Sils emphasized how important it is to see that doctors do their job unconditionally and that patients appreciate it. “It is a great motivation for Meditec team too to keep evolving and developing new information technology solutions for patients and anyone working in the medical field,” he admits. Free of charge “Ārsta Birojs” licenses were raffled and gifted to three family doctors- Gundars Kuklis, Gunta Ezergaile and Astrīda Eglīte. Congratulations!