Doctors best friend for 20 years!

For 20 years Meditec has been a friend and assistant to doctors, nurses and health care institution administrators. Thank you for being with us! Our look back about what has been achieved in the last two decades and the vision of our future for the “IR” magazine is provided by our founders – Mārtiņš Sils and Māris Zvirgzdiņš. In January 1999, the implementation of the software developed by Māris and Mārtiņš, which will later become the Doctor’s Office, was completed at the policlinic “Vesels”. Now, in 2019, we are working to ease the professional life not only for doctors. The Emy system is an invaluable pillar for the National Medical Service’s employees, but eVeselī is an assistant for patients. We promise to be as productive in the next 20 years.